Educational Institute Solutions

In an increasingly competitive job market, your students’ long-term career and success depends on where they land their summer internships and then their first full-time jobs. We help students stand out and make a positive first impression at these first interviews. Latest studies have proven that it just takes a few seconds for recruiters to make a decision when it comes to candidate selection. In fact according to Brian Tracy, author of “The Psychology of Achievement”, “Most capable men and women are disqualified from job opportunities because they do not look the part.”

The Image 360 coaches and mentors students on the following areas:

  • Developing a well rounded CV
  • Networking with potential employers/ recruiters
  • Best interview techniques
  • Dressing appropriately for interviews
  • Importance of body language in interview situations

We work with students on one or all of the above mentioned areas through one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars, lectures. We can visit your campus prior to the commencement of the campus placement week to get your students interview ready or work out an annual calendar with you for a focused approach on recruiting.

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.