Group Consulting

Gayatrè Sehgal also offers a one or two day workshop on creating a powerful first impression. Complete knowledge on image related topics is provided along with guidelines on creating lasting first impressions. They are a combination of classroom training and concept application via demonstrations, assignments and self assessment techniques on topics ranging from  dressing, wardrobe, body shape/ proportion, colors that flatter your face and figure, grooming & make up for social situations, effective body language and social etiquette. These workshops are usually conducted with 8 to 12 participants. Every workshop participant is also provided a personal consultation session within 15 days of the workshop.

Group coaching sessions have the benefit of offering practical advice with full evaluation while remaining cost and time-effective. Participants are also provided with informative and valuable handouts/material along with the skills they learn. Image management workshop is a good beginning for people who wish to be aware of & learn concepts of image management and make winning impressions on people around them in social or professional space.

Group workshops can be organized for the following:

  • Corporations for senior executives or executives who have recently been promoted or hired
  • Consultancy firms
  • Industry associations for their members
  • Educational institutes for their students
  • Retail & hospitality organizations for their employees/ staff
  • A group of students, housewives, adolescents, colleagues or friends
  • Any individual