Retail & Hospitality Industry Solutions

Retail & Hospitality are customer facing industries where image management plays a key role in their success. Whether the customer buys their product/services or not depends on key customer interfaces primarily with the employees of a Retail store, Hotel, Airlines, Hospitals etc. Also, customer loyalty that is fundamental to increasing as well as maintaining market share & sales depends on how the services are delivered by their employees and whether it translates into a pleasant experience for the end consumers. Thus the employees and the image that they project should be positive and in line with the service organization that they work for.

Today the retail chains want to be seen as customer friendly by helping their customers to buy right & more, thereby become a preferred choice for shopping. At the same time they also want to reduce logistical nightmare of refunds and exchange. It is double benefit for a retail chain. At The Image 360, we associate with clothing retail chains to offer shop floor customer services and assist their client to buy right and more by recommending what clothes work best for them in terms of physical traits, roles & also helping them to co-ordinate and mix and match clothing items to make it look interesting and give value for money. We also train retail chain employees on the same. Last but not the least, we can engage for an event or on a monthly retainer or to be an in-house consultant.

Hospitality corporations depend on their employees/staff for their success as happy customers translate into bigger profits. Thus it is important that they invest in managing the image that their employees project. This is how they can differentiate from the rest as the customer interacts with the employees/staff first hand while the services are delivered. We train hospitality employees/staff on dressing, grooming, body language, etiquette and vocal communication.

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.