The Image 360 is an image consulting firm that provides holistic image solutions through Dressing, Grooming, Body Language, Etiquette, and Verbal Communication to help create positive perceptions and a lasting impact in various spheres.

About Gayatrè Sehgal

gayatree_sehgalGayatrè Sehgal, is the Founder of The Image 360, an Image Consulting firm. As the firm’s Chief Image Consultant, she works on Image Enhancement of Individuals from diverse arenas – corporate, politics, medicine, business, creative and Organizations including Carlson Hotels, W, Pearl Academy of Fashion, MDI Gurgaon, Vasuki Foundation, Image Consulting Business Institute. She has been featured in publications including Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Asian Age, Exotica.

She is trained by Image Consulting Business Institute under the curriculum of the Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA. Gayatrè Sehgal has an MBA (Marketing) from Indiana University, USA and graduated in Apparel Manufacturing from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), India before that. She has worked as a marketing professional in roles ranging from product management to marketing strategy for around 8 years in companies like Whirlpool, Philips and Avon across India and USA. She currently holds the position of Board Member with the IUAA (Indiana University Alumni Association), Delhi Chapter.

Gayatrè Sehgal has an innate ability and passion when it comes to grooming and mentoring individuals formally/informally over the past many years. She loves reiki, meditation, writing, theatre, playing tennis. She believes that image should be managed and projected from “inside – out”. It takes a holistic approach by addressing all the elements – clothing, grooming practices, body language and etiquette and vocal communication – that help create the right image for each role that a person undertakes at different occasions. She has always impressed upon the need for individuals and organizations to manage their image and create positive impressions for being successful in various spheres – professional, social, personal (for individuals) or in the marketplace (for organizations). The same has led to the culmination of The Image 360 – the total Image solution provider for individuals and organizations.

Your Image is how the world knows you, project an authentic, appropriate and attractive “You”.

What is Image Management?

People assess and make judgments about you in a short span of time. Research shows that it takes as less as 3 seconds to form a first impression. Further, it has been proven that a major part of the message that you communicate is visual. Thus, people’s perceptions are strongly influenced by the image you project.

Image Management is the ongoing, pro-active process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on you, on others, and the achievement of your goals. It takes a holistic approach by addressing all the elements – clothing, grooming practices, body language and etiquette and vocal communication – that help create the right image for each role that a person undertakes at different occasions.

Each person is unique in terms of personal style, physical traits and personality. At The Image 360 we help you manage your “image from the inside out”, creating the right image based on the real self (Inside) and projecting it based on the occasion (Outside). We thus empower you to reflect or project the confidence and competence that comes from an authentic, appropriate, attractive “you” for any personal, professional or social occasion for the achievement of your goals in all these spheres.

Who Needs Image Management

In today’s world, practically everyone realizes the need to create a positive first impression. Whether it is a job interview, a first meeting, creating a great impression at the new job or role, to having a great first date, success depends on the image you project and first impression that you create.

“Image affects  the way you think, the way you feel, the way you speak, the way you act or behave, and then the way others react or respond to you” – Judith Rasband. Image matters at home, in office, in social groups and everywhere else. Everybody needs to project the right image and create positive impressions for achieving their goals and having a desired personal & social life.

A representative list of individuals and groups who need image consulting is listed below:

  • Corporate professionals at different stages of their career
  • Entrepreneurs/Business Leaders
  • College and University Students looking for success at their first interview
  • Celebrities and their wives
  • Socialites
  • Housewives
  • Brides and grooms to be
  • Adolescents looking to become confident adults
  • People in the Public Eye – like Politicians
  • Retail Chains
  • Hospitality Corporations– Hotels, Airlines, Healthcare
  • HR, Recruitment, Training Companies

Corporations looking towards creating a corporate identity that enhances their corporate image and work ethic

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