The Image 360 is an image consulting firm that provides holistic image solutions through Dressing, Grooming, Body Language, Etiquette, and Verbal Communication to help create positive perceptions and a lasting impact in various spheres.

About Gayatrè Sehgal

Gayatrè Sehgal, Founder and Director of The Image 360. Gayatrè’s innate ability, passion and experience in coaching and mentoring has led to the creation of The Image 360 – a total image solutions provider for individuals and organizations alike.

What is Image Management?

People assess and make judgments about you in a short span of time. Research shows that it takes as less as 3 seconds to form a first impression. Further, it has been proven that a major part of the message that you communicate is visual.

Who Needs Image Management

In today’s world, practically everyone realizes the need to create a positive first impression. Whether it is a job interview, a first meeting, creating a great impression at the new job or role, to having a great first date, success depends on the image you project and first impression that you create.

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