Wow thank you so much Ms Gayatrè Sehgal, it was a great learning experience based on a lot of introspection and factual analysis .The eye for detail and working on the seemingly invisible yet extremely important aspects would go a long way in helping me attain my goals.
To summarise it more specifically:

  1. In my business, clients –Mostly ladies are decision makers. The image makeover has started to have a very positive impact on the overall interaction with them.
  2. Personal relationships with the associates and employees have started to become better.
  3. Smiling, softer body language has started to earn me a lot of compliments personally as well as professionally
  4. Overall experience is quiet satisfactory and is going to be directly influential in business growth and profitability.

                                                                                                                                                       –   CEO & MD, Natraj Home Furnishings Pvt. Ltd.


The Image solutions provided by Image360 were useful. I came to know how to dress up according to my personality. It helped me to realise how important First Impression is.  All the sessions were conducted with attention to minor details which otherwise are neglected by a person. I really liked the recommendations given to me according to my body type.  I also like my new hair style as suggested to me.  I would like to thank Image360 for giving me such effective image solutions.

–     Monika Bansal,

Events Freelancer 


“I was very confused with my dressing style and was very keen for a makeover. One fine day, when I decided to call Image consultants, I landed up meeting Gayatrè Sehgal. When she first visited our office, I was not very sure what would be the complete outcome; but I think Gayatrè Sehgal had visualized the complete picture after looking at me during the first meeting. It was a complete journey with transformations where I needed several assurances/confirmations/affirmations from Gayatrè Sehgal which she did fabulously. She meticulously recommended styles that suit my body type, professional role, personality and also arranged all sources to shop/get it stitched. Plan of personal shopping was done with element of perfection. Overall I am very pleased with my look.

This new look has helped me to be more confident and project the right image for my position. People perceive me now with professional look and authority.”

–     Ms. Manisha Gupta

General Manager, Rockwell Automation


“The best thing I liked about my individual consultation with Gayatrè Sehgal is that she helped to bring the best in me. This improved my self – confidence which I had lost for a while, it’s like my rebirth. I thank Gayatrè Sehgal from my heart that she not only changed the way I look at myself but also how the world will look at me. I found everything that I came to know during each session interesting & helpful be it the way I should dress, communication, my expressions, etiquette or the way I should hold a lady’s hand while greeting her.”

–     Anirban Roy Chaudhuri

Advertising Professional



“I was always unconfident about my looks, dressing sense, my personality, my makeup etc.

As I was looking for an image consultant, I met Gayatrè Sehgal. She is a wonderful person. Initially, I was very apprehensive about the outcome but she made me relaxed and assured me about the results. After going through a series of clinics, all my problems have been solved and now I feel very much confident about myself. Thanks a lot to Gayatrè Sehgal. May God bless her!”

–     Dr Mini Gupta



“I had thoroughly enjoyable my sessions with Gayatrè Sehgal. They were very informative, impactful and also interesting so all the information was absorbed in more depth. I am very happy with my new wardrobe in helping me project a suave image.”

–     Mr Charu Gupta